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The LOG group is an important forum for exchange, discussion, mutual support. Every Friday afternoon (from September to May) the group holds the “ Ouvroir 1 de REcherche Potentielle”  or Ourepo. At these sessions, professors and graduate students present and discuss research projects or analyze data or case studies.

As Ourepo sessions are open to all, several professors from outside the Group or the Communication Department regularly participate in Ourépo, including Jrene Rahm(Eduation Sciences), Dominique Meunier (Communication) and Frederic Yvon (Education Sciences).


photosTake a look at the pictures and videos of our events here.

Sylvie Grosjean, Professor, University of Ottawa, december 2007.

Thierry Boudès, Professor, ESCP-EAP, Paris, october 2007.

Manuel Zacklad , Professor, Université de Technologie de Troyes, April 2006.

Bob Sanders , Professor, University at Albany (SUNY), November 2004.

Anita Pomerantz , Professor, University at Albany (SUNY), November 2004.

Claude Guillon , Professor Université de Rennes 2, October, 2005.

Tamar Zilber , Professor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2003.

1. Ouvroir . A sewing room, or an area in a convent where nuns gather to do needlework. [Archaic] A charitable foundation where volunteers did needlework for the needy or church ornaments. (Antidote, 2006)